Our Vision

Sazeh Gostar Navandish Sa’i Company, under the shadow of God’s grace and by maintaining and improving the quality of services, emphasizing the knowledge of expert experts and prioritizing customer satisfaction, tries to become one of the founding, leading and leading companies in the field of services by increasing its range of services. New and specialized technical and engineering in the fields of electricity and electronics, HSE and education in the country.

Our Mission

  • Preservation of labor force
  • Prevention of emergencies and accidents caused by work, prevention of huge financial losses and protection of property
  • Providing services with the most desirable level of quality
  • Action to establish and implement related management systems

Our values

  1. We always act with honesty and integrity.
  2. We consider safety and the environment in everything we do.
  3. We seek open and transparent interaction in all our dealings.
  4. We seek creativity and innovative ways to continuously improve.
  5. We positively challenge the status quo.
  6. We love what we do.
  7. We fulfill our obligations.
  8. We work together to achieve great results.
  9. We thrive by maintaining a cycle of excellence.

The cycle of excellence

Our motto

Regardless of where we are active and whatever we do, all the personnel of Sazeh Gostar No Andish Saei Company are proud to be a knowledge-based organization with a wide range of activities, very high knowledge and competence, and also targeted for Protecting human life and capital and the environment, they work.

introduction of a company

“Sazeh Gostar No Andish Saei” Technical Engineering Company was registered in Tehran’s Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office with registration number 369916 in July 2008. This company started working with the aim of providing power services as well as maintenance and service of power projects. Then, in order to expand its activities, with the use of a set of experienced managers and experts, in the field of providing consulting services, design and implementation in the fields of fire alarm and extinguishing systems, occupational health and safety, and the environment, it continues its remarkable activity. With the support of scientific and industrial experiences, with the necessary licenses from the competent authorities of the country, this company is a leader in providing services such as trading products related to HSE, technical and net inspection, consulting, design and training to organizations, institutions and companies. It operates in the country’s leading production, service, plans and construction projects.

Sazeh Gostar Nawandish Saei Company, by using modern technical knowledge and its expert and caring colleagues, is currently implementing its projects with strength.


                                             CEO                                       Chairman of the Board                                                               Board of Directors

                            MR.Asgar Mohammadpour                   MRS. Parisa Ilbegi Aragh                                                           MRS. Mitra Ganji Kia