1.Design and installation of automatic fire alarm systems (conventional – addressable, etc.)

2.Consultant, designer and implementer of manual fire extinguishing systems

3.Consulting, designing and implementing all automatic fire extinguishing projects based on water, water and foam, and gas

4.Consulting, designing F&G systems

5.Risk identification services and quantitative and qualitative risk assessment methods

6.Designing and implementation of all monitoring and leak detection systems for suffocating, inflammatory and anesthetic gases and vapors.

7.Determining the policy of safety, protection and theft notification in various manufacturing and service industries and institutions of the country

8.Consultant, designer and implementer of all CCTV systems, traffic control and theft notification

9.Consulting and evaluation of environmental, safety and occupational health management system

10.Consulting and implementation of policies and HSE PLAN for manufacturing and service companies

11.Consulting, operation and management of fire stations and safety centers in industries, refineries and power plants of the country

12.Preparing and compiling a response plan in emergency situations and crisis management

13.Provision of expert manpower to participate in various projects and industries in the field of HSE